{Print of Portraits} How and Why?

Still after all that time one of the most empowering Moments of my profession is printing the indivudual Portraits in home.

There are so many hours into each individual portrait already until it reaches that final ,oment of coming out of the printer like shown in this Little footage above.

The Artists heart jumps for joy

That moment your work slowly pushes out of the printer and the cutting and matting of the portraits complete the enitre process.

What is everything involved?

The entire process starts with the first contact and the style consultation. According to your individual needs we create your unique photo session. Later in the office I cull through the Images and select the very best to retouch and prepare for printing.

After the printing the cutting and matting of the prints takes place, so that your Portraits will be ready for your Reveal and Ordering Party. In each and every single step there is so much expertise, love and handwork that each piece becomes a unique piece of its own.

Do you have a priceless unique piece of yourself? Call me and let us plan YOUR ultimate session and immortalize you in beautiful portraits that you will love and cherish.

I would be very honored if I could put my skills into the creation of your beautiful portraits.

Call me at 02151-3520500 and let us arrange your individual studio tour.