{Big Moves} Back to the roots, Part 2

Wow, incredible how time is flying and I already dropped the ball again with the blogging part- but when I tell you, show you, what was going on the past weeks, you´ll sure understand the delay of this platform…

Like mentioned in my previous blogpost I am moving- now literally moving out again of my own home into a brand new and huge and gorgeous and amazing place aka „Holy Halls“ and it is quite a process…


In front of the building


Entrance of the Chinese Restaurant facing toward the main entrance of MAYS\\WERK


When I saw the venue the first time in its pure rawness


During the painting and building process


Almost done. Some electric installations and the big moving day ahead of us

Looks like we´re coming to an end and I will be able to move into the space very soon. I am planning to be open for business starting from February 1st, so if you were on the fence of booking a Session with me, now´s the time to do so! I can´t wait to have you in this amazing place and to show you around!

See you soon! xoxo, Ines