{Mother Daughter Sessions} a priceless legacy

The first question I always ask when someone is inquiring for a Glamour Session with me is: „Who do you wanna be photographed with?“ You are sure wondering, why I am asking this question and I will tell you, why.

Mother with her three daughters

The Service my Studio provides is one of a kind and shall create a safe haven for every single client, that walks in. Every single Session is tailored to the individual needs of every single client and I am the most interested in getting to know you and your story and to SEE you the way you are. My promise is to take the best portrait you ever saw of yourself.

Mother and daughter in beautiful gowns

So why not SHARE this incredible experience with the people you love most? This may be your mom or your sister, your best friend or your spouse, eventually it is your daughter, that you wanna spend a day full of pampering and show her, how special she is to you.

Mother and daughter, painterly stlye

These are portraits, that one day your child will look for. These are the portraits, that will be cherished for a life time- and beyond. These are the portraits, that will outlive me as the photographer. These are the portraits, that will outlive you. These are the portraits, that will be your legacy.

Sisters Gatsby Style

If you flip through your own family portraits, how many pictures will you find, that you are on and that you REALLY love? Give it a moment, and then call me. You are worth existing in photographs, that you love.