WELCOME BACK- {New Beginnings}

Hello there! Long time no see, right? It´s been a while and I am sooOooOOoo sorry! I promise trying to get better with it again, so pretty please accept my apologies!

Well, long story short I am back in Germany as some of you might know and things are changing quickly.

My Beauty room getting emptied- sad day seeing all gone
Signs and decals went down
Signs and decals went down
Movers moving

 After being back and some how settling into the new situation and life I got a sweet little Dream Car  which I had eleven years ago already- a black Smart Convertible and I immediately  got it pimped with my Brand- doesn´t it just look amazing?

Christian from „Blaue Erdbeere“ in Krefeld putting the last finishes on my car


Does´t it look just *WOW*?

Soon I will be moving from my Home Studio in the corner of my living room into a 145m² Studio Loft and I can´t contain myself to get started to move in and finally be getting into my full power of creating beautiful imagery…

Living room corner


Makeup Table
Creating lay flats for marketing purposes
Creating lay flats for marketing purposes


Home Studio right now, future Studio Loft soon. It is a lot of work waiting for me and honestly I have no clue how to do it, but as usual I will find a way to make this Studio the most amazing Studio the world has ever seen!

It´s huge. Like REAL huge.
God light


Sooooo, if you´d like to stick along and follow me, I would appreciate it a lot and like said, I promise to get better at keeping up with this blog and post on a regular basis again. I also am behind on posting and sharing a little longer story with you- a story dear to my heart and so important to be shared. So please stay tuned!