Personal Branding- What is that?

If you follow me on Facebook you probably saw me talking about Personal Branding Sessions every now and then. I wanted to give you an idea about what these Personal Branding Sessions are about.

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Everybody runs into this situation at least once in their life: applying for a new job or opening your own business or getting and award and there it is, the naked truth! Your Corporate Headshots are dated and you need new ones! Here we come into the game. We offer Personal Branding Sessions to get you some new headshots for your business.

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No matter if you need them for your new website or social media or if you´re running for office or giving out a newsletter or will be featured in a magazine, we got you covered in every way!

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We even pamper you with Hair&Makeup before we start taking your portraits so you really only need to come in with several options of clothing, which we discuss in the Style Consultation prior to your Session.

Call now to schedule your Style Consultation and let us plan your Personal Branding Session together! You might need some new Corporate Headshots soon 🙂