Transformation Tuesday- Progressing

It’s Tuesday, so guess what?! YES, Transformation Tuesday! But today I don’t wanna show you the stunning transformation from one of my wonderful clients, but a transformation I went through myself. Are you interested?

Okay, let me show you. This image you have probably already seen a million times, when you are a follower from the very first beginning- so sorry for showing it up again, but wait for it!



This Portrait was taken in August 2015 and with the skills form then I was pretty proud how it looked like and that I was able to create that dreamy feel I was looking for. Well… since I am striving to master my craft and learning every single day, I of course don’t stop going back to older sessions and having another take or two on them to make them even more perfect in my eyes- because, let’s be honest: Photography is as much art as Painting is and everyone likes a different style. Sometimes even your own style changes within a year (and your skills, ha). So, this is, what I come up with today and I must say, I love this image even more now!


What do you think about it? The original „Straight Out Of Camera“ looks like this by the way…