Exist in Photographs, part 2


Have you ever wondered how different you would feel if you had a photo taken that makes you look like you used to feel? In those carefree days before marriage and babies? I came across this wonderful blogpost which made me actually almost cry as I am familiar with this situation more than I would like to…

And well, I did this kind of session which reconnected me to that woman I used to know a little more than a year ago and Vivien (you know her from my family session post the other day) and she helped me shed the years and I honestly felt different and still do every time I see these portraits. I’m standing taller, walking better and more confident with my chin up – and that has nothing to do with lbs and oz weight, it’s all mental attitude! I’ve spent most of the past years feeling exhausted, looking shattered and terrible and it was a real treat to find that old spark hidden somewhere inside still.







It makes me feel good to see these portraits again, to reconnet to that woman on these portraits even after  more than a year and feel beautiful. It became priceless to me to just look at them and to recall that feeling I had when I saw these portraits of me the very first time- I am feeling beautiful, even when I am in gym clothes and without any make up like most of the time and most people know me.

I wish, I could do a Session like this every year just to celebrate myself in every stage of my life, because I am worth it. Worth it as a mother, worth it as an entepreneur, worth it as a spouse and worth it as a woman.

When did you feel absolutely beautiful the last time?