Exist in Photographs


Today two years ago we met our beautiful and talented friend Vivien Farkas from VivienNaomi Photography for our farewell session to capture some memories of us in that country, which was our home for almost four and a half years.
We haven’t done any family session since our youngest was three months old and I am glad, that my husband agreed to this commitment of having these photographs taken, because I wanted it so badly!


And to be honest, I couldn’t be happier with them looking back after two years and all these emotions coming back again. That excitement about the new assignment waitng for us and the sadness leaving all the new made friends back in Hungary and all the memories we shared. Good times we had for sure!


These photographs are treasured and some of them are hanging around framed in my house, so I have the pleasure of looking at them every single day reminding me of where we came from and being grateful of every step of our way. And it makes me proud. Proud of my husband, that he takes the risk andthat he has the courage to go for new unbeaten paths for our family and taking us to places we otherwise wouldn’t have come to see.


It makes my heart burst filled with pride about my boys, who even in that young age, when we settled to Hungary, have lived now in several countries and experienced different cultures and arts of living and adjusted so very well to every situation.


And without bragging I am proud of myself. Proud to be in the comfortable position of a spouse that managed to somehow keep her family together through all these years of different places and people, ups and downs as Expatriat family and also proud of finally having found my profession in this life. If it wouldn’t have been our traveling and meeting new people in our lifes that influenced us and made impact in our lifes, I wouldn’t have come so far. And I am happy with every single step along this journey and can’t wait, what is still in store for my family and me.

I feel like we should soon have another family session taken by a professional photographer, just because it is so important to exist in photographs, and once more I realized this fact by going through this memories from two years ago. And as I am the photographer in my family, there usually aren’t too many photographs of me… 😁 When have you the last time taken your portraits from a photographer? Don’t wait, call your family photographer today and ask them to take your images, because these memories are so precious and won’t come back again!


In the same time I mark this event as a game changer for me and my own journey,  when it comes to photography. This is when my desire to be as good as her as a photographer was triggered and still only the beginning of all of it… but this is a different story and wants to be told in another post…