A Simple Way to Big Hair

Have you ever dreamed of this big big hair with this gorgeous curls like they always show us in these magazines? Well, I must admit, I have long hair and I love having it long, but they are so thick and heavy that they hang down my head like chives. (That´s a german saying, no idea if this would be a good translation, haha.)


Anyway, I know there are people out there that can handle a curling iron very well and others that can make your hair curly with even a FLAT iron- I am none of these people, the only think I can do with these tools is give my poor hands hard times because I burn them instead of preparing my hair on a constant basis.

A year ago or so I then saw this advertise in TV and couldn´t believe what I saw- they invented a curly iron that sucks in your hair automatically and spills out a perfect string of curl when the timer is done. Believe it or not, I went off to find this magic tool!


Yeah, there I had it and of course I needed to try it. I must say I didn´t really expect it to be like the advertise promised and it really makes sense to read the instructions first and really do what they recommend, otherwise your hair will unwillingly tangle in that tool and that is not very comfortable… trust me!


Here you can cleary see, how straight my hair is before using the curler and on the right image the result, isn´t this just amazing? It took me a while to get how it works, but the more often you use it the better you get- even doing your OWN hair!


The result is just incredible and in my case the curls did survive not only the evening but even did it until the next day!


I really highly can recommend this tool to anyone who would like to do their hair every now and then but like I cannot handle the „regular“ tools. I also used them on some of my clients so far.


You can find the item here on Amazon.com