Who doesn´t dream of once having their own Cover, especially with such gorgeous photographs of herself? Today we will kick of a new category in this section of my website which will feature one woman I photographed as my Covergirl of the Month.  So I thought to myself, this might be a great opportunity to show off your beautiful Portraits and also for us to get to know our first Covergirl a little closer. So come and join me and say „Hello“ to our Covergirl for the Month of March- Jenny Golding.

I’m originally from a small town near the southern end of South Africa.  Every spare moment I had, I would spend time on the farm, herding cows and loving the fresh air.  I planned to move to Tuscaloosa, AL for 3 years; not a second longer.  Instead the southern hospitality and lifestyle convinced us to stay and we have been here for more than 7 years. 

I’m 46 years old, married and have two teenage boys and a number of cats.  I love spending time with family.  My favorite time is our family movie night, warm popcorn and a good action movie.  I really enjoy BBQ time with friends and travelling to new places. My favorite or “go to” music list is always country. Any spare moment I have, I love cooking and baking my Gran and Mom’s favorite family recipes that have been handed down to me.





This is what she had to say about her Glamour Session:

I thoroughly enjoyed my photo session with Ines.  Through her amazing talent, she managed to break down many barriers and showed me that a small town country girl was beautiful, inside and out.

Anyone can take a picture of people smiling, but Ines has the ability to capture the essence of her subject.  She takes the in-between shots that shows the personality and soul of her subject.

Jenny was one of the very first people we got to meet when we first moved to the States almost two years ago and ever since she has been there for us like we would have known us for years.  I also had the pleasure to have a family session with them all together a while ago and it was so much fun! Jenny is one of the most beautiful people I ever met, inside and out! And everyone who knows her would second that!