The Journey Of A Life

Very long time ago I took these photographs of my boys- it seem like from a different life when these were taken though… I still stop every now and then and stare at them in my hallway and think of how photography was always part of my life, especially since I had my own little family.


The local photographer Crosby Thomley, who’s work I admire since the day I saw it the first time, just posted something interesting which made me think about myself. He says:

„…We are being led whether we know it our not. It’s when we embrace the path we’re on that our lives become full with the beauty it has to offer.“

And his words are so true. The journey is quite amazing and with the paths I was led with my former business now with almost 40 years (yes, this year is THE year 😀 ) everything finally falls into place and makes sense. I only now seem to have found my final calling with the photography as my business and especially with the genre of Contemporary Portraiture for Women. I can incorporate my passion for creating beautiful gowns/dresses for girls & women (which are missing in my family, since I have only boys and they always refused to wear skirts 😀 ) and can create beautiful art for decades to come. And I am grateful for this journey and all it´s ups and downs.

Sometimes it just needs a little longer to get where you belong to. Never give up. Never quit. Every path has a purpose, even if you can not see it right now.