About me

Do YOU own an incredible portrait of yourself?

My promise to you is to  reconnect you with the inner beauty of your truest self.
Ines Schaefer

I firmly believe, that EVERY woman is entitled to feel beautiful and my gift to you is to capture your essence in stunning portraits you will be proud of!

Come to my Studio and feel like a princess for a day, let my team pamper YOU and celebrate YOU. I want to take the most beautiful portraits you have ever seen of yourself!

Call now and let us plan your personal session you will never forget! Period!

Ines Schaefer is married and mother of two radiant boys. She is a german gal currently based close to Düsseldorf, Germany and loves to travel the world and to meet new people. Her personality might be described as bubbely and she is always up for a good laugh. She is a renowned and award winning Portrait Photographer for Women in her area and abroad.

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