SEPTEMBER SPECIAL- Donate a Gown, receive a Glamour Shoot

SEPTEMBER SPECIAL- Donate a Gown, get a Glamour Shoot


As you might know, my Studio is a Full Service Pampering Service with professional Hair and Makeup Artists from town and I also offer a Style Closet for my Clients, that book the ultimate Glamour Session with us.

We want to add up to this stock of from me custom made gowns and skirts to offer a wide variety for our clients and here you come into the game.

We want you to put on that gown once more, that you wore one time and never again and which is sitting in silence and sadness in your Closet ever since.
Let us give it a new life and let us create wonderful Portraits with you in Exchange for leaving your Gown in our Closet after we’re done. You get not only a fabulous experience of being pampered and feeling like a goddess, but also get to choose one print out of the Portraits we create that we gift to you.

Let that set in! Can you imagine all the fun we’ll gonna have? And even better: Bring your friends with you and make it a fabulous Girls Day out!

How you can be part of this? It’s super simple! Send us a picture or two of your gown to and tell us, for what occasion that dress was and what size it is. My Team and I will discuss the ideas we have, when we see your dress and if it fits, we get back in touch with you! This offer is only valid for limited time, Sessions booking in September, only limited Sessions available.

SHARE this post with your friends with the beautiful gowns they don’t wear anymore and let’s make it happen. Imagine all that fun!